There are many ways you can Support the Arts here at The Noel S. Ruiz Theatre at CM Performing Arts Center. As a Not-For-Profit organization, we rely heavily on Donations to keep bringing quality Theatrical Productions as well as Arts Education to Long Island. However, monetary Donations aren't the only way to Support the Arts.


Here are some of the many ways you can help us. 


  • Donations - We welcome donations of any denomination.  We understand everyone's means vary and that even small donations when pooled together go a long way! 


  • Inner Circle - Whether you've been a member of the Theatre since our inception, or are new to us, we want you to know continuing Noel's "Impossible Dream" is our goal. We would like to invite you to play a part in that dream. His dream was to bring quality Theatre to the Long Island Community. While we are eternally grateful to our Casts, Crews, Musicians, and Staff for their continued dedication to making these performances come to life, if not for the Financial Support of our Donors, these quality productions would not be possible. Your Donations will help in our efforts to continue to grow and provide the community with quality Arts and Entertainment. There are many benefits associated with being part of the dream and we hope you will consider "Playing a Part".  

         Inner Circle Tiers:

        1. Player 

            Donation Amount: $50 to $149

            Benefits: Optional Playbill Listing


        2. Director 

            Donation Amount: $150 to $499

            Benefits: Buy One Get One to Children's Theatre, Priority Access to Special Events, Optional Playbill Listing


        3. Producer 

            Donation Amount: $500 to $999

            Benefits: Buy One Get One to our New Year's Eve Gala ($75 Value), 4 Main Stage Tickets ($116 Value), 2 Children's Theatre Tickets ($24 Value), Buy One Get One to Children's Theatre, Priority Access to Special Events, Optional Playbill Listing


          4. Star 

              Donation Amount: $1000 and up

              Benefits: Your name on a Theatre Chair ($250 value), 2 Tickets to New Years Eve Gala ($150 Value), 8 Main Stage Tickets ($232 Value), 4 Children's Theatre Tickets ($48 Value), Buy One Get One to Children's Theatre, Priority Access to Special Events, Optional Playbill Listing



  • Best Seat in the House Campaign - Our ongoing Best Seat in the House Campaign is an effort to restore our vintage Theatre Chairs to their former glory. Sure we could easily replace the chairs with modern plastic style theatre seats, however we strive to match that Vintage Theatre look. For a $250 donation, you will get your name on a seat AND help sponsor the chair to get a fresh coat of scratch resistant paint professionally done from a Local Auto Body Shop, and more importantly, reupholster the cushions to not only look better, but provide more comfort. 


  • Noel S. Ruiz Scholarship FundOne of the many important missions of The Noel S. Ruiz Theatre is to continue educating the next generation in the world of Theatrical Art. Donations to this fund go to one or more High School Seniors who have met the criteria to receive The Noel S. Ruiz Scholarship as well as one or more Children in our CM Kids/Little Kids/Juniors program who's family does not have the means to cover tuition costs. 


  • Rentals - Whether you're renting The Noel S. Ruiz Theatre or The Onyx Theatre, or renting Sets, Props, or Costumes, it helps support the Theatre immensely. 



  • Review Us - Reviewing us is one of the non-monetary ways to Support the Arts. You'd be surprised how far a good review can go, and there are many places you can Support Us by leaving a review of your experience here at The Noel S. Ruiz Theatre. Places to Review Us: Facbook, Yelp, Google, TripAdvisor, FourSquare, GreatNonProfits


  • Educational Classes - Registering your Kids/Grandkids/Nieces/Nephews/etc for any of our Educational Classes helps Support the Arts AND rewards a new generation to learn an appreciation for the arts. Don't have someone to Register but still want to help a kid in need? You can pay the registration fee and should we come across a student who wishes to attend but their family doesn't have the means to, you can feel rewarded having sponsored someone's education.


We thank you for whatever way you have Supported the Arts here at The Noel S. Ruiz Theatre, and remember, as a 501(c)(3) Not-For-Profit Organization, any Donation you made is Tax-Deductible to the fullest extent of the law.